A Prayer sent your way

Hi guys, I know I’ve been gone for 2 weeks, but after the holidays I just wanted to take some time to spend with my family and take some time to organize my house and well all the stuff the comes with the New Year. Everything was going well until last Wednesday when my little girl woke up with no voice due to the worst cold she has gotten since she’s been born. The dr. said she had an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection on top of that. So that is what has been happening this past week, she is still coughing a lot, lots of phlegm that she can’t spit out, lots of fever, lots of tears but also lots of cuddles.
And even though she is sick, my girl still manages to make everyone around her happy.I have to say I felt so helpless watching her cough and watching her unable to breather at times. I kept saying to myself that I had it easy, there are parents out there who have children staying in hospitals and going through much more difficult moments, and for those parents, I pray, I pray they find strength, pray they continue to have faith and to always put themselves in the hands of God. I know it can be hard to believe and easy to give up, but for the sake of your kids, try!
.This is our girl last night, starting to be back to normal….Hopefully..




Something in the making

Hi guys. Sorry if Ive been lost, ive been a little busy with some family things going on and also trying to organize and clean my house from all the holidays mess.. 

I am currently working on a post that Im sure a lot of you will find interesting . I will try to post it tonight or tomorrow and I hope you guys will like it. Have a great night. 


Hello guys! Ive been thinking about my “resolutions” for this year and to be honest, I cant say I have any. 

I mean i have GOALS in mind, but resolutions i feel change often and sometimes they just dont happen at all. 
So my goals for this year are: 

To make this a successful blog. Im not saying im the best writer out there, but I definitely try my hardest and i want people to come here to either, laugh, learn, or simply read a word of advice. It’s taken me a year since I left my job to finally make up my mind and decide that I want to give this a try. I want my voice to be heard or in this case, I want my words to be READ.

I also want to become a better baker than I am. Again, im not saying im the best baker but i love doing it. I love baking and cooking and I love to bake for my daughter, my husband, my family and I even love baking for my husband’s associates. 

I want to read more, I used to read 3-4 books a month. Now it takes me a month to finish just one book. I have to get back to that. I love reading, next to spending time with my daughter, reading is my favorite hobby 

I want to keep our apartment organized. It is really hard with a toddler running a around and toys everywhere, but I really want to declutter our space and donate some things we no longer need.

And yes. Id like to lose some weight too. I suffer from hypothyroidism and even though I am not overweight, I’d like to lose maybe 10 lbs. Go back to my pre-baby body and stay healthy, that is my main concern.

So, here they go… we shall see if I can make any of these happen by the end of this year. I hope whoever is reading this and whoever has made resolutions or set themselves some goals can make them happen. NEVER GIVE UP. I know people say that all the time. But always keep in mind how good you will feel once you do something people say you couldn’t do! 

January reads


Winter break


Hello all, this is my very first post but I had to make sure it was about something AWESOME, and what better than Christmas right? Our daughter Kimberly is about to turn 3 in just 2 months and this has been the first year she actually understood what Christmas and Santa were all about. She did get a little scared of Santa but was sure he was watching and was very excited when she opened up all her Christmas presents.

Our Christmas celebration basically runs between 4 households. Our little family’s, my dad’s, my mom’s and my stepdad, and my in-laws. We started by going to visit my mom and my stepdad over in Sparta, NC. And as always it is a magical time. My daughter had a great time decorating their tree and having a NC Christmas experience over in the mountains.

When we got back home, we went to get our Christmas tree and she also had a great time decorating ours, looking at all the ornaments that were just for her made her so happy, and we also set up lights and a little tree in her bedroom.

On Christmas eve we had a small dinner over at my aunt’s apartment which is also in the same building as my dad and it was a great time to celebrate a little with my family. Then.. we headed to my in laws.

I am Peruvian, and as a Hispanic woman I have always celebrated Christmas at 12 o’clock on Christmas eve. But this year things were different. My husband and I went over to my in laws and had a great time celebrating Christmas in what I like to call “the American way”. We hid the presents from our daughter and my father in law took the time to put them all under the tree, our girl was definitely surprised and so excited about everything she saw and everything she got, I am so happy and thankful she got more clothes than toys, because our house is starting to look like a mini version of Toy’s R Us.

It really turned out to be one of the best days we’ve had this year as a family, my husband’s aunt Donna and my sister in law Karen were also there, my dad and my sister Karla also joined in the celebration, it really was a great time, and I’m sure my in laws Chuck and Diane had a great time too.

I always say that I am grateful for the things I have, but the truth is, I am beyond thankful and blessed, knowing I have such loving family around me and around my daughter. Knowing she has such great people around her is the best gift I can ask for.